The Rose Garden Events is a NYC based arts & entertainment platform that promotes the growth of creative culture in all spaces. We host a variety of events such as open mic nights, showcases, talk shows, discussion panels, creative retreats and even small business expos. We're here to pursue our purpose to provide a safe and supportive environment for aspiring Poets, Musicians, Visual Artists, Entrepreneurs and much more!  

Our most recent creative journey has brought us into media production. Check out our traveling talk show, The JRose Experience, where we bring you an intimate look at the lives of Poets from different cities in the US! 


We've also expanded to provide graphic design, video editing and brand coaching services! YES! Creativity is flourishing at The Rose Garden Events!

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Blooming Talent of the Month:

Poet Khan Rass Fiyaa

Who is Poet Khan Rass Fiyaa? 

She is "Becoming"! Born in the Gulf of Mexico and now based in El Paso, TX. She is  Poet, published Author and a mother of two Suns. Poet Khan uses her artistry as a voice for prison reform, mental health and social injustice. She's also known to be a a pleasure poet under the name "Fishnet Poet"; that focuses on empowering others by creating unconquerable spaces for vulnerability and sensuality in the poetic world. You can catch Poet Khan co hosting virtual open mics on The Grape Vine Sway's Instagram page. Her published works include “ CPR to My Dreams (Volume 2020)”, “My Abyss” and her poetry has been featured in 5 anthologies.. She is Love, Peace and Light, pursuing abundance and compulsive destructive fire when necessary. 

Words of Wisdom from Poet Khan Rass Fiyaa:

"Falling in love with yourself will render abundance tailored to you."

   - Poet Khan Rass Fiyaa


Follow Poet Khan Rass Fiyaa on IG at: @poet_khan_rass_fiyaa

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