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Pieces Of My Crumbled Thoughts is a collection of poetry written over a span of 15 years by Spoken Word Artist, JRose. This unapologetic collection dives deep into the raw essence of human emotion capturing, moments of joy, sorrow, love, and resilience with a vivid and unfiltered touch. Each poem is a piece of JRose's soul, meticulously crafted and woven together to create a tapestry that is both profound and inspiring. From the quiet whispers of self-reflection to the roaring declarations of triumph, Pieces Of My Crumbled Thoughts invites readers on a journey through the vibrant garden of the human experience. Get ready to laugh, cry, and ponder as you lose yourself in this gripping and heartfelt collection of timeless thoughts.


*This is personalized and signed copy of the book

Pieces Of My Crumbled Thoughts

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