Blooming Talent of the Month


How is your talent/business blooming?

I am digging deeper into being an adventurist in my writing. Trusting myself and going with the first feel from my heart. I still feel like this is only the beginning. I will probably feel that way for the rest of my life!

Who is someone you admire in your field?

Gotta go back to ICON. The pure raw expression she displays every time is something to experience.

How would you best describe your creative mission? 

My mission is to put people in a new place. This place being one of self love & acknowledgement. I come from a place that lacked both. After finding my definition of myself, I knew my purpose was to help people get to a  better version of themselves. I intend to serve this not only through music but through programs that are engineered to help an individual see their worth on their own terms.

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What inspired you to walk in this particular path?

I'd say it was the women in my life, particularly, my mother and a poet that goes by the name of ICON. I saw her push through so many challenges just to put food on the table. She is a true inspiration.  And it was ICON's writing & performance that called me to write & perform as well. 

What was your biggest challenge when you started?

When I started poetry my biggest challenge was accepting how much it meant to me. I saw it as a hobby but felt it was more. Took some intense reflection to accept my passion for connecting with people through poetry.

What is the proudest moment in your journey so far?

My proudest moment so far is pushing past my anxiety in new circumstances. I create then share even while feeling small or I don't belong, pushing myself out of my comfort zone in spaces that are always so welcoming and kind. As for hip hop, my challenge was finding the courage to finally get into a recording studio. I started off performing poetry so there was a lot of value in being in front of people and gauging their reaction. The studio didn't have that and it took some getting used to.

Please share some words of wisdom with our readers.

Lean into yourself as much as possible. There is so much in the world surrounding you but we often
forget how vast we are inside. To experience the world fully is to acknowledge yourself fully. You never
have to try to fit in because you, as an unique piece, already fit. Tap TF in because your amazing, in
other words!!!!!

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What city are you based in?

Based in Brooklyn, NY by way of New Orleans

What is your type of artistry/business?

Right now I do Hip Hop & poetry. So far this is what I've shown the people and I'm excited by what else I
have to show.

How long have you been in this field?

2 years of Hip Hop & 6 years of poetry.