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Blooming Talent of the Month


How is your talent/business blooming?

I'm growing my network and gaining exposure by performing in new spaces and meeting creatives all over NYC. People I’d only met once before becoming friends I admire and support wholeheartedly. So many amazing spoken word artist and authors that help stimulate this intimate community of expressionists. I see them and they see me and when we’re in these rooms it’s an accordance to listen and feel with one another

How would you best describe your creative mission? 

The desire to reach as many people that need that one line to confirm or alter their whole life view. I want to inspire others find their people by understanding that we aren’t so different in the end. I have the ability to use my words to express what many feel in silence and others have failed to consider.


Who is someone you admire in your field?

@Goodjujuheals. Her flow is one I can ride for ages. The stories she tells and the cadence with which they’re expressed leaves you following every word, every development. Added bonus she share my last name and reminds me of my older sister so much. You’re always in for a sweet time when she’s in attendance.

What inspired you to walk in this particular path?

I started out rather reserved. Most of my poems were interpretive to the point only I really knew what they meant. I was glad to just have a few people who understood me and even if they didn’t they respected the craft. Prior to 2022 I didn’t have a page for my poems they were just scattered throughout social media and in books lying around. Then I found myself like a sponge looking for more ways to improve and expand on this itch that has been a prevalent part of my life and a major contributor in my communication journey. Writing has always been my meditation. The question of what i desired most in this life, a career I’d be passionate about, committed to has popped up in my life numerous times and in none of those reflective moment could I have imagined the numerous ways a written let alone spoken word artist could make it their life’s work. The ability to control another person’s perception and make them view things through my lense. Without confusion and completely immersed in my truths. I’d get random gems dropped on me by Ray Guzman (@regrest.nothing) until one day we were chatting and he stated he’d let me know about the next event. By this time I’d only ever been to one other event @ivyhousestudios sponsored by RAW as a member of the crowd. Next thing I know he has curated his first event and I was featuring to give the set list a range of experience levels. That first night performing was the greatest relief I’ve ever felt thus far. Like a long exhale after years holding my breath. I’ve been an attention addict ever since lol

What was your biggest challenge when you started?

Overcoming the anxiety at the thought of performing. As well as speaking loudly without my voice breaking too much. Also, getting to a place where I could still be creative and elaborate with my poems but also simplified so that anyone could follow the story I’m weaving. That perfect balance between giving just enough but leaving people guessing without being overly confused. Once I found my own rhythm it became easier to understand that the whole interaction is an exchange. We feel each others energies out and give based on what we believe we may need or the crowd may need that night. It’s a healing experience where there is no right or wrong just flow. The compassion, humor and familiarity in each other makes the performance what it is

What is the proudest moment in your journey so far?

Winning 3rd place at the Nuyorican Wednesday night slam. This is a legendary stage to perform on and making it to the top 3 for my first official slam' felt amazing

Please share some words of wisdom with our readers.

Simply because the path is not as smooth and direct doesn’t mean it’s the wrong one. It simply means that in order to assist the next soul that crosses it you’d have to know the terrain. Without confusion, stagnation and struggle one cannot hope to fully appreciate dedication. Move with flow and ease.

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What city are you based in?

Bronx, New York

What is your type of artistry/business?

Poetry / Spoken word

How long have you been in this field?

5 months

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