Who is someone you admire in your field?

Poets Noelia Cerna, Ray Jane, and Elemen2al. These humans are extraordinary in their craft, producing art that I believe bends the very psyche of any sentient being's existence. Also, from the music realm, highly influenced by the lyrical abilities of Eminem, J Cole, Logic, and Hopsin.

How would you best describe your creative/entrepreneurial mission?

As a poet, I believe my contribution to the craft is fulfilled anytime the work as a whole or in part resonates with another human being, ultimately acting as a catalyst for their own emotions. As a graphic designer, I simply enjoy spotlighting other artists and believe that their passion deserves to be visually displayed in a manner that allows them to shine brighter than they already do.

What inspired you to walk in this particular path?

Writing is an avenue I've always gravitated toward. However, it wasn't until the deepest depths of depression and anxiety that I decided to take it from the background of my life to the foreground. Feeling lost ironically allowed me to find a voice I never knew I had and a community wholeheartedly ready to embrace me with open arms. As far as graphic design goes, such a path stems back to my childhood fixation with freeform sketching or mimicking anime (eg. Dragon Ball Z). As time progressed and the digital world became more apparent, I shifted my hobby into a skillset that allowed me to expand on the versatility of visual arts.


What was your biggest challenge when you started?

Confidence; the belief and faith that I actually have what it takes to do this or any other endeavor. Particularly from the standpoint of public performances and ensuring I provide the audience with the most authentic and captivating experience that I can. Also, the wherewithal to detach from the fears and projections of other individuals as their approval is not necessary for the accomplishments or milestones one seeks to achieve for themselves.

What is the proudest moment in your journey so far?

From touring in a rock band to frequently performing at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe, it's almost unfair to single any one moment out. But a very unexpected one does come to mind, and that is the time where my music partner Josh Davidson and I performed in the middle of standstill traffic on a highway where we were greeted with the love and dancing energy of a mother and her blind son. One of the most surreal moments of my life, and as the host of Craft Conversations said, "like something you'd see in the 60s, a time of peace love and music."

Tell us about your most recent project/venture.

Curlyheaded Ninnymuggins Hoodie now available. Much like the colors themselves, its tie-dye nature is meant to represent a brighter future. Those who wear it; I hope embrace the valiant and prosperous qualities that already exist within each one of us. 

September 2021 I released a tribute song/video in honor of my granddad and international jazz musician, Joey Morant, called The Greatest ShowmanCustom Flyers is an ongoing service I provide to help graphically promote other artists. And while there is no definitive release date, a book of poetry is in the works.

Please share some words of wisdom with our readers.

  1. Be yourself. 

  2. Fail but don't quit (pivot where possible). 

  3. Protect your energy (set boundaries; be cognizant of who you share your worth with and weary of the fears/projections of others). 

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Christian Morant

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What city are you based in?

Manhattan by way of Charleston

What is your type of artistry/business?

Poetry, Graphic Design, and Uplifting Spirits

How long have you been in this field?

Poet - 15 years

Graphic Design - 7 years

Uplifting Spirits - Eternity

How is your talent/business blooming?

NY has introduced me to a world of opportunities I didn't know existed. From featured gigs to flyer designs, the hustle and bustle in the creative space feels far less cumbersome as the city surrounds me with a community that desires to lift each other up, one which I'm extremely proud to call family.